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I live in Florida currently (Have all of my life.) and HATE the heat. I'd love to live somewhere cold and that snows. Also, a place with no damn hurricanes, ha!
If my mother wasn't currently here, we are pretty much gypsies who travel the states, I would gladly trade you spots. I hate snow and I hate cold, so this place is unbearable for me, It is crazy to see snow and people wearing shorts in the same area. Thank you for the welcome and feel some comfort that I envy the fact you live where I would happily pick up and move to any day. I spent my whole high school career in Lake City, FL. The hurricane warnings and tropical storms, to me, was a walk in the park compared to below zero temperature and the wind chill that rivals Alaska's. My supervisor laughs at the fact I show up to work covered head to two when it is 40 degrees outside, to people here that is like summer weather.