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Thread: Soulless Corporate Cog

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    Soulless Corporate Cog

    I've been researching the idea of going freelance for a while. I'm seeing some extremes: the people who are selling books about becoming a freelancer are all positive I can do it with absolutely no effort.

    On the other hand, I'm seeing that making a living writing articles takes time and work marketing yourself.

    But how about less creative writing, like technical writing and corporate communication stuff? I've got a FT gig that is becoming inflexible, so I'm thinking of making the jump to freelance so I have time to work on my fiction. I'm perfectly willing to pimp myself out to The Man to write technical stuff; it's a big part of my current gig.

    What's the situation for this kind of market? Can anyone point me to some resources to finding these gigs? Is it very different from the cooler, more creative stuff?
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    I have found that most of the non-fiction I have sold involved a lot more creativity than my fiction. A friend of mine put it like this, "Basically you have boring instructions, it is like eating those flavorless rice cakes. To be successful, you have to find a way to make those damn things tasty!"

    As a side note,there are two important things for non-fiction and how to stuff. First, spin an idea into as many articles with different slants as possible and always sell reprints.

    PM, if you want any specific examples.

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