Hello, I'm researching information for a gunshot scenario involving one of my main characters. I've done some preliminary research with my own doctors and online and come to the conclusion that he's to be shot in the abdomen, but I'm going to need much more information than that before I can even start my next chapter. (Only two left in the book.) Here's the scenario: Main character gets shot from approximately four feet away by a 9mm semi-automatic handgun (police issue). His assailant manages to fire a fraction of a second before the main character can, but the main character still manages to fire his weapon as well, hitting the assailant in the head and killing him. My main character feels the bullet tear through him even as he watches his assailant hit the ground, and then he passes out. An ambulance is on the way, but about 15 minutes out and the ER is another 26 minutes from their location. There are a Sheriff in the room with him, two squad cars and an unmarked FBI vehicle outside, so emergency kits are available. He must not only survive, but be back on his feet and able to work/fully function within a three month period (preferably). The character that gets shot is 5'9", 210lbs and 50 years old. He is a smoker. Let me know if any more information is needed. I appreciate all the help I can get!