Hello all! Ok, so I am in the midst of a YA Fantasy novel. One of my MCs is a young girl, 16-17 years old. She stands around 5'2, and is slim enough to be passed off as a boy at a distance. She has control over air to an extent, which had her commission a boomerang-esq type of weapon from a friendly slave.

Now, the weapon is two pieces of metal, folded to about 27 inches in length, roughly the length of her arm. Unfolded it is double that, so a little over 4ft, which would probably have it coming up somewhere around her shoulders.

The weapon itself has two parts. One it unfolds from its resting mode to form a loose 'L' shape, the boomerang portion. It can be further unfolded until it is a straight line, the sword portion of the weapon.

My question is this: Even though my story is a fantasy, would a weapon this size be too big for her? She's already stated it's weight and the fact that she can throw it, using two hands, barely fifteen feet. She thinks that by practicing with it daily she will gain the strength she needs to wield it more easily.

When I was writing it, the image of this slight girl with this big sword/boomerang fighting appealed to me, but I don't want it to seem so inconceivable that it takes the reader out of the story.

Any thoughts, opinions, or general help?

Oh! And since my original thought was just a boomerang type thing to begin with, I've thought of just cancelling out the sword portion all together, shrinking it down, and just make it an unfolding boomerang. Still cool, to me, but... big sword?