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Thread: Question about narratives

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    Question Question about narratives

    I'm sure this question has been answered many times, I just can't find the correct search words. Allow me apologize up front.

    I've read some "how to" books on writing memoirs, read a few of those along with some first person fiction. In each case I'm not seeing a lot of descriptions. It seems to be just up front writing.

    In some of my memoir, I've put things in that I remember - what a building looked like, what kind of day it was, how lightning looked or thunder crashed. I haven't seen much in the way of descriptions of anything in these books. Is this something that I should leave out?

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    No. Put in what feels right to you. It's your narrative, after all. I'll currently reading Merton's The Seven Storey Mountain. It's got very few scenes, but lots of descriptions of landscapes and buildings. And it was a best-seller.


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