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Thread: IRS business activity wise, am I a Writer or publisher?

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    IRS business activity wise, am I a Writer or publisher?

    Medievalist brought up a point in another thread on self-publishing and ISBNs, that I've asked over the years in AW. The difference wasn't perceived as a concern. I most likely didn't relay my question on what I was getting at accurately. Since my question would probably be getting off the main topic over there, I thought I would start a new thread. From the other thread Medievalist said:

    Quote Originally Posted by Medievalist View Post

    Again, someone serious about self-publishing and creating a professional book would consider things like a DBA, and the name of their publishing endeavor. Self-publishing done well is a perfectly reasonable business, but you do need to approach it as a professional and a business person.
    Aside from my regular job, I've done historical research and writing for about 15 years for myself and others. Since I make money at it, I always claim it and file the schedule C etc.

    If I buy a block of 10 ISBN numbers I have to have a publishing business name right? So when it comes to the IRS business activity codes, am I a Writer (711510) or am I now a publisher (511130)? Actually, even without the ISBN thing, I am still publishing books.

    It might seem like I'm splitting hairs but I would think there might be a difference in writer/author vs publisher in what you could claim as business expenses or maybe other forms even?
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