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Thread: ComixTribe

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    Has anyone else heard of these guys.

    I had a run in with them a while ago when they were critiquing my script. If it were just that I would not be putting them up here, however I noticed they are tied almost directly to their store on their website. If don't know if comics are the same way, but in novel writing this would be considered a conflict of interest.

    The fact that their critique website is tied closely to their comics store does not exactly produce comfort in me, but the rules in comics publication may be different.

    Is this sort of like the script version of query shark? It took me a while to put it up, but I wanted to cover my bases.
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    I don't know about that, BUT Tyler James is an AWESOME guy! I have him on my GTalk, and every once and awhile if i need to ask his expertise about something he will usually drop what he's doing to answer if he can. PLUS he inspired me to finally public my graphic novel.
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