Hello writers!

I've been lurking on and off for about a year now (couple of days here, couple of days there) and finally decided to go through the small trouble of registering so that I can actually participate.

I'm a stay-at-home dad for a HFA teenager, married for over fourteen years, and writing since I could pick up a crayon. I think my mother printed my first novella when I was seven through a small independent imprint (read: she photocopied it at work and handed it out to indulgent family and friends).

I've written three complete manuscripts that are "technically" publishable, (meaning they are not derivative fan-fics that could land me in jail for copyright infringements), though only the last one I feel is "good enough" and I've been starting to peek around for querying help. Found QueryShark, and her site reminded me of AWWC, so I've come back, registered and started pouring through the archives.

Looking forward to becoming a fixture this time, hopefully I'll be able to provide valuable feedback even though I am unpublished. (Except for that small print thing back in elementary school.)