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Thread: Question on AWWC protocol [asking about publishers]

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    Question on AWWC protocol [asking about publishers]


    May I mention a publisher in a thread? If so, which forum would be most logical to ask about a specific publisher before submiting to them to seek the experiences of others with that publisher? Thanks in advance.

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    Here is AW's section where publishers etc are discussed. There's also a search function for you to use just to see if the publisher etc has already been mentioned. And welcome to the cooler.

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    Check the Bewares &Background Checks to see if your publisher already has an existing thread. A lot of times, you'll find the answer's already there.

    If there is no thread, then that's where you'd want to start it if you have questions regarding said publisher. If you can, include a link as well, so others can check them out and weigh in on your questions as well.
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    I'll port this over to FAQs
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    Thank you very much.


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