Greetings, all! I'm Gaia Revane (obviously), a horror/spec-fic author from Melbourne in Australia. I write under the pen name D. Robert Grixti (my real name being Dayle Grixti) and I'm quite new to the whole writing professionally thing, but have written as a hobby and aspired to be a writer for most of my life.

I'm currently in my third year of a BA in Creative Writing and Journalism, and my first novel, Sun Bleached Winter was released in December by Damnation Books (which, despite the misgivings in their thread over in the Bewares forum -- unfortunately gone unnoticed until after I'd signed with them -- have been very friendly and professional to work with, and their revised contract is pretty decent) and I also have a self pubbed collection of short stories (all reprints -- previously published in a handful of for the love and token magazines) out on Kindle Direct.

Fun fact: I'm also an indie video game developer, and I've had my games featured in places such as PC Gamer and Gamasutra (which frustrates me to no end, because you can't sell books to game fans :/).

Anyway, I'm glad to be aboard and look forward to meeting everyone. I'll probably lurk more than actually post, since I'm not too much of a forum person, but this place looks incredibly friendly, so I'll definitely stick around.