This thread is mostly inspired by one maybegenius started a few weeks ago.

I don't know if it's weird to read through things you wrote years ago at 1:00AM in the morning, but I am that person.

I really need to stop killing girls. I don't know what it is about shoving girls into refrigerators, but there are just so many ways to do it and it always inspires this epic man angst that's just so easy for me to write. I'm actually looking through my stuff right now, and I'd say it's actually pretty hard to find a living, breathing, non-DSM, hasn't miscarried or had an abortion, female.

From here on out, I forbid myself from killing another female love interest (and literally having them turn up in garbage bags on their front lawns for their love interests to discover *cringes slightly*). Also, abortions. I forbid myself from including another abortion or miscarriage in my work for a long, long time. But that is for another thread.

What is it about dead girls—they don't even have to be love interests, Saving June comes to mind—that is so much more "poetic" and angst inspiring than dead boys? Everywhere I look I see dead girls, suicidal girls, missing girls, but hardly any dead guys or suicidal guys with epic girl angst over their dead brother/lover.

It's almost disturbing to me, seeing the trend in my own writing. Especially not knowing why it's there. I give you full permission to psychoanalyze me. I suppose the first step to getting over a problem is admitting you have one and I'd really like to move on from the dead/suicidal girl trope in my writing. I'm very much over it. I just can't stop writing about it, regardless of whether I'm writing male/female POV.