I've been reading through every SF/F SYW that comes up and I've noticed a pattern. Almost invariably, authors are introducing somewhere from 5 - 10 new names with no context in the opening chapter. Compressed example:


The Lothon swept quietly over the Red Ruff, finding little resistance to its Quell Calls. It was too late to raise the alarm when it dropped in front of the Gilltur Guard.

'Holy Hegnlisyth,' was all that escaped the gruff figure, before black-red blood gurgled up in his throat.

The Wakening had begun.


As a reader, I have no clue what's going on. Are the-royal-we doing that now? Should I be skipping over explanation of new ideas and names in favor of throwing the reader into the waves of terminology, like chum to the sharks?

Personally, I'm not all about it - if the general tone didn't make that obvious. But I'd like to know if other people find this to be an effective storytelling technique.