Hi, guys and gals! Iíve been a member of these boards for a few years now, but havenít made many posts here for a long time due to going back to school. I am in film school and now have access to all of this wonderful equipment to make movies with. Problem is I have no scripts! I started writing because I wanted to make movies and since starting school, my writing time has been consumed with writing for classes and when I sit down to write something for fun, nothing will come. Maybe itís just temporary burnout, I donít know. The point is I have a proposal to solve these problems. I have a stable full of actors that I have worked with on stage, I have a crew that has been on many short film shoots with me through the years, and again I finally have access to all this amazing equipment. Would you like to provide me with some scripts? I am mainly interested in micro/low budget horror fare, limited locations, etc. You know the type. Also a great story at its core would be wonderful.
The scripts would be used for school mostly but some will be shot just because they have to be. The writer will retain full credit on the script (unless changes are necessary and mutually agreed upon). In the event that some sort of money is made on the film made from the script the writer would receive due compensation in the form of profit sharing. The rights to the script will remain in the writers control until you are notified that it is being made, so you can continue to try to sell it if you wish. Once made, the writer will receive a copy of the film once completed and again, full credit will remain the writers.
I know that there would be more details to be worked out if you decide to participate and your script is chosen at some point. Any questions please post or PM or just let me know if you think I am a crackpot.
Thanks Guys!