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Thread: First750 Display Site

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    First750 Display Site

    Before I begin, yes, I did in fact read the stickied post above and these links,,

    Until I read them, I didn't even know "display site" was the name of something. Anyway, the big point of those seems to be, it's not worth paying for but if it's free, it doesn't hurt. Free is good.

    So, yes. I just created a display site. Humor me for a second. I did think it was pretty original when I did it.

    I think what those links are saying, is that they post a snippet and that's about it (I used a site and that's all they did). For mine, I want to do it a little bit different. Still free.

    You get to post a snippet (the first 750 words, get it? Anywho, you also get to post a bio, a photo (cover or whatever), a link to your store of choice and your bio can have 1 link to whatever site you want (hopefully that will be your blog or facebook page or something like that).

    In addition, I plan to interview those authors who are willing and post the interview as a follow up post to the original. After reading about display sites, I think may randomly choose one or two per month to review. I do want this site to be valuable to readers and something people will visit.

    The site is totally free (for writers and readers). As a writer, I wouldn't pay for this. The reason I started this is that I have a book coming out shortly and I thought a site like this would be good. There was a free one I used for my second book back in 2009, but that link just redirects to now. That's the one I mention above that was pretty static.

    My goal is to promote the site and get readers to visit. I would be amazed if publishers or agents have the time to do so. It will also give an extra link to your site and who knows, that might get you one or two extra readers who will tell their friends about your wonderful book and they'll tell their friends, etc.

    One more point as a difference to the YADS link. My site is actually for already published books. The idea is to get readers, not agents or publishers. I agree with YADS. A display site is not a good way to do that. I only want to post books that are published and can be obtained in full from a store somewhere (amazon, smashwords, whatever).

    Right now it is searchable by category but I plan to add plug-ins that will let readers fine tune their searches. Before posting the entry, I will trade emails with the author to get a photo (if they want one), the best category to put it in and some key words.

    So, to make a long story short, or tl;dr, please visit and take a look. I would love to have your book on there. I am also totally open to suggestions for making it better.

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