I've just received word that my current publisher, Red Iris Books, is scaling back their operation considerably and may be phasing out over the course of the next year. I *just* moved to them after my first publisher (Paperbox Books) had much the same thing happen. Fool me twice, shame on me.

After the first e-pub tanked I was very careful to include exit clauses in any new contracts, so getting my rights back isn't an issue.

I'm looking for suggestions for stable e-publishers with a good marketing track record to whom I can shop my books. Obviously they'd need to be willing to take on properties that have been previously published. I have unpublished books in my series that I'm willing to toss at them - but only one is currently ready for editing.

I don't have the time or energy to self-promote, and I certainly don't have the money. One of my books (Found in Blood) hit #2 on the Occult charts this month during a free promotion, so I'd like to think there are people out there interested in reading my work.

What do you all suggest?