HI Everyone,

I have recently finished writing a Humourous Satirical Novel that spans two different cultures ie British and Italian and am now at the stage where I need to make decisions about the more technical aspects reagarding the layout and Format of the book. I have already received quite a lot of useful advice via this forum on other threads so I am looking forward to other people's opinion regarding the following questions.

"When a Variation/Hybrid of English is used/written in dialogue as a means of creating humour, regarding the exaggerated pronunciation of English when spoken by ESL characters ( in this case Italians) for example Sheets = Shits

Should the novel provide foot notes at the end of the page to explain what may not be obvious to some readers ?


Would it be better to provide a Glossary of terms at the beginning of the book that the reader could refer to or digest before/during the reading of the story ?


Provide Both ?

Looking forward to receiving feedback !!