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Thread: [Publisher] Visual Adjectives

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    Learning to read more, post less JustSarah's Avatar
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    [Publisher] Visual Adjectives

    I was wondering, is anyone familiar with them?

    I encountered them a couple of years ago, was on their boards up to a years ago. Seems like a little odd they would refer to there things as "publishing services".

    Anyone else heard of them?
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    Wilde about Oscar aliceshortcake's Avatar
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    From their blog:

    Visual Adjectives focus is helping artists and writers publish, market and sell their work. Our services will enhance and help your career and writing. Dedicated to the innovation of writing and art, Visual Adjectives was founded to help artists and writers publish, market and sell their work.

    Visual Adjectives looks for quality fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.
    The fact that they accept every genre including poetry isn't a good sign. VA's only book so far is John Reid's The Adventures of Knight-Hood but there are more in the pipeline, including work by the company's founder Edward J Stinson Jr.

    We provide many services including, editorial screening of submissions, pre-publication editing, post-publication marketing and distribution, cover art, ISBN number and either digital or print publishing.
    Don't all publishers provide these basic services?

    Your book will be listed with on-line booksellers such as and, and on the publisher’s website, along with marketing, promotion, or physical bookstore placement.
    VA's site has a store for posters, jewelry and merchandise but as yet there's no mention of books. As for marketing, Edward Stinson has this to say:


    I know. It may be a dirty word to a lot of you but it’s just as important as writing your work. Whether you go with the big houses, a small press, or self publish on your own, the responsibility of marketing and promoting your work still falls on our shoulders.

    Oddly enough, when I clicked on those words on VA's blog I was magically transported to a screen that read:

    Oops! Google Chrome could not find' title='levitra online overnight'>levitra online overnight<
    Yep, marketing is hard.
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    Special Snowflake? No. Hailstone RedRajah's Avatar
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    Anything recent on this publisher, good or bad since 2013? Someone posted an open call for solicitations of hero stories from them on another forum I frequent and I'd like to warn folks if this is something not on the up and up.

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    Effieron Empress Eltondiva's Avatar
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    Well they have now shown up in #pitchMAS...
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