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Thread: [Agency] Resolution (Jeff Berg)

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    [Agency] Resolution (Jeff Berg)

    Just read about a new agency that is starting up. It seems to have a strong Hollywood focus, but may be of interest.

    Part of me thinks the business model may be good for writers who may need to sell movie rights. Another part worries the business might be unfocused. Can't find a website yet.

    News link:

    Former ICM chairman Jeff Berg has launched Resolution, a new talent and literary agency with offices in Los Angeles and New York that aims to shake up an established hierarchy of agencies in Hollywood.
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    Standard rules apply: give them two years to either shake up the industry or shake themselves apart. Berg has some serious credits, but that is a rough market.

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    Mixed talent and literary agents are very common in the UK, a lot of the big hitters have either a screenwriting side or an actor representation side. Sometimes both.

    (Some examples:,,,,

    So the combination seems to work here, but as Filigree said, wait and see.
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    Anyone have a website or know of a query address?

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    Agency closed Fall '14 because the money ran out. (Variety article)
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