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www.lulu.com (for color inside), www.createspace.com for black and white interior.
I would really like to use Create Space if I could, but I wasn't sure if they allowed personal printings. I thought the default was to sell through other vendors/stores. The "books" aren't things I want just anyone reading.

To be more specific, one is a version of a book I am writing. I am redoing it completely, but I want to preserve several copies. One for personal pleasure. The other to annotate for use in the rewriting the book/series. I don't want people ever buying it. I also plan on writing stories/novels I don't plan on sharing with anyone else, but I want a copy to re-read just like a book. The other is a journal/diary with pictures. I don't like handwriting a diary. And I don't like it just on my computer or on printouts. And I definitely don't want anyone else to see it.

In both cases I will only need a few copies.

So Create Space will definitely allow me to do that--at least for the B&W? (I tried to look at their website, but I found it hard to get that specific information.)