i have a video that i think with some luck could get a lot of hits if i were to load it on a place like youtube (im NOT referring to the video in my signature lol).

i have no idea if it will get 1,000 views or 10,000,000 views, but the point is that it is a device i could use to try and get more exposure for my work-in-progress (a memoir) and my blog (which is sort of a satire about writing a memoir).

basically i'm trying to think of the best way to utilize this video. do i just put it on youtube and add a link to my blog and other social media promo platforms and pray for the best (that people will click on the links and follow me...even though I've read that there is a "low conversion rate" for that happening in general)?

or should i do something different like load it through Facebook on my facebook fan page and not make it available on youtube? are there other options?