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I need to know what tests might be run on a person who originally presented in the ER with a very bad headache, then "died" clinically, for 30 minutes, then woke back up. And I also need to know how long an MRI brain scan takes. I had one years ago, but can't remember....
The problem with headaches is that it is the most common symptom of a plethora of ills, from insect bites to food poisoning to concussion to stroke to allergic reaction to ... whatever.

Before any scan or tests take place, the accompanying family member (and the patient when she wakes up) will be asked a ton of questions. Since when? Any head injury in the past 48 hrs? Other systemic clues - vomiting / nausea, stiff neck, pupil dilation, skin discoloration / rash / injuries, etc.?

The list of clues will point to a few hypothesis to check for.