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Thread: Speech Impediments

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    Speech Impediments

    Somewhere buried in this forum or perhaps another is an aged thread about speech impediments and how best to present them. Those who chimed in carried strong recommendations to 'write around it.'


    "I took it to the post office" said Mr. Whipple, his tongue tripping over the series of 't's' and lips protesting over the destination.

    Yah know, that just didn't do it for me. And then today I was reading H.G. Wells "The Food of the Gods" and was introduced to lisping Mr. Skinner and his wife of one tooth.

    "I haven't theen much of 'im yet," said Mr. Skinner. "But as far as I can make 'im out 'e theems to be a thtewpid o' fool."

    By itself, Wells turn of the century London pen takes some patience to absorb. Yet even with that, the impediments work.

    I think it's also important to acknowledge that this should be limited to minor characters. An entire novel of "Got to be meathured every blethed day" could only be torturous.


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