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I have had no involvement with Samhain, as announcement of their closing down came just as I was beginning to research publishers. But looking at their website now, they do appear open to submission from agents, and also say they'll request submissions via conference pitch events.
They are still open and plan to stay that way. That's the problem. We were told they were beginning the process of closing down, but then six months later, surprise! They're staying open. And we're expected to be happy about it.

Me? I'm not happy about it. Not after this whole debacle has cost me actual money/time.

For one, they bailed on us for the RT book signing. For that signing, we have to sign up months ahead of time and tell the bookseller which books to order for us. A month ahead of the con, suddenly Samhain won't be providing those books after all, so we have to scramble and come up with books on our own (fortunately the RT organizers were willing to work with us and let us change the titles on our list, but we still had to actually GET the books). So suddenly the already expensive RT is costing me an additional chunk of change for books, not to mention getting those books *to* RT. I live in Spain, so you can imagine the cost associated with either shipping or transporting ~40-50 books to the convention. (Spoiler alert: NOT CHEAP)

Additionally, with almost 30 books published by Samhain, it behooved me to be proactive and start preparing to re-release them on my own. This means cover art, re-editing some older books, formatting, etc. Again...NOT CHEAP. And it was a little unnerving to go forward with it without a set end date, but I was told by Christina Brashear that she hoped and intended to wrap things up by the end of 2016. She wasn't 100% sure if it would work out that way, but that was the goal. So I had to assume I would need to find homes for or re-release 28 titles at or around the end of the year. With that many books, it would be stupid for me to sit back and wait before starting the processes. Better to get them formatted and ready to roll so that when Samhain closed, I could re-publish them.

Six months and a lot of money later, suddenly it's back to business as usual.