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Can someone explain why Amazon is causing this? What is it in their policy that's causing small publishers to go under?
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Where I think I was also misunderstood (elsewhere) was in expressing my sadness that authors with literally no money to pay for the upfront costs of self publishing, can no longer send a great book to a small publisher and have it blow up, and be able to make money. With the only viable choices being mostly the Big Five or self publishing (hopefully not entirely but it's kind of the way things are heading) it cuts out what was a fabulous option for the poor and struggling.

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What worries me more is the health of even smaller publishers.

I heard about this when it first happened and was shocked (but was cutting back on social media so said nothing at the time -- was busy writing a book). -- so sorry for everyone concerned, and I hope you all find viable alternatives. It must have been/be devastating, but I'm definitely a believer in the door closing/window opening scenario.

However, I still wanted to comment on the above comments.

I am with a very small digital publisher that is doing just fine. Bookouture is only three years old but it already has one million-seller author, several of their authors have quit their day jobs, and they regularly now get their books into the Amazon top 100. I'm not very savvy about the economics of publishing so I won't comment on the how or why they are so successful. I only know that they are soaring up with leaps and bounds, and all the authors are delighted. Many of them have been approached by top notch agents, and many of them are making fantastic foreign deals.

So it can't be all about Amazon, and it can't be all about publisher size. It has to be something else. Business-smarter heads than mine can maybe figure it out.