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That's what lawyers do though. They often overreach trying to cover all bases for their clients. And that often leads to people on the other side feeling pissed off, and causes more money for everyone in legal fees. (I'm not bashing lawyers my dad was one.)

But anyway it's not necessarily Chrissy wanting all this stuff. I'd guess it's what her lawyers have suggested would be safest for her. But if authors and their lawyers end up feeling threatened by the wording, it it can backfire obviously.
Yeah, I understand the reasons behind it, but... there's no way I'm going to sign it.

And I can't totally exonerate Chrissy from it - she's the one paying the lawyers; they work for her. She's the one who sent me this ridiculous document and asked me to sign it. If she didn't want the terms included, she could have had them deleted, but she didn't. So... no.

I stood up for Samhain on this thread several times, but they've stretched my goodwill too far. I'm done.