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Thread: Samhain Publishing

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    New e-mail from Christina Brashear in which she claims it was all just a misunderstanding and they were never planning to close down.

    I just...


    ETA1: I'm seeing the word "misunderstanding" used in quotes in some tweets/other posts, and I thought maybe I should clarify, in case that word was coming from this post...

    The word "misunderstanding" isn't used in the e-mail from Brashear.

    The e-mail is titled "Clarification" (well, "Clarifiation", but I think my interpretation is valid!) and she writes about how she's tried to keep communication open and casual and how this may have resulted in things being "confusing to those reading it". "All of the steps taken by Samhain, were merely steps to “trim the fat” in an effort to increase profitability. Downsizing a company is not the same as liquidating it." etc.

    The overall message of the e-mail is "it was all a big misunderstanding". But those words are never actually used.

    ETA2: And now there's a screen cap, so everyone can read for themselves! (Thanks for posting it, Amergina)
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