So basically I am wanting to know how many of you where inspired to write a book/short story because of an Epiphany.

But also I want to know what you do the minute you get this amazing thought and what your first actions are to do with said though?

I will share mine today I had an Epiphany for the greats story idea I have ever had when doing something as mundane as doing a few thousand clicks on stumbleupon. I came across a space article and when reading had an idea that blew my mind. Anyway I now have this idea but don't know where to go first with it because the idea for this story is something I want to share so badly in story form. All I know is that now I have hours of research ahead of me.

Anyway I thought this would something fun to share and to see what other people come up with/do once they have these great story ideas and maybe how the go about doing their research for stories that require it.

P.S I am not jittery to the bone about this idea