I have seen a lot of real life city council meeting clips on YouTube over the past five years. And most of the time we witness such a meeting via only one camera, and then the true action (if actual "action" such as full on fistacuffs ever happens) gets lost due to a bad camera, poor focus, or a fixed camera incapable of pivoting to the sweet spot of good line-of-sight capture. Those other YouTube videos seem to represent a good AUDIO log of the meeting, but almost always fail to give us a good VIDEO log of what happened.

However, this particular city council chamber found in Washington City, Washington, (there was also mention of Oak Harbor, Wasington) seems to be equipped with no less than five cameras. And what's more is that it also seems there is a professionally trained video director at a switching baord, switching quite strategically between all five cameras, zooming in an out, pivoting the cameras, and doing a real world class job of capturing everything going on in the chamber meeting. This video log is rivetting to watch. It took place on Tuesday, January 15, 2013.


Here we see some very good tension in the meeting --the tensionn is subtle, but definitely there. We see the power tables get turned several times on the various players. The whole thing is easy to follow due to the excellent camera work. It almost felt like an episode of Law & Order when we see either a grand jury or an appeallate court proceding. (There's a movie script somewhere in here!)