Over the years I've had many stories published in small presses and short run anthologies. These tend to disappear quickly into history and are hard to track down for anyone interested enough.

Kindle publishing gives me the perfect opportunity to bring them to a wider audience.

So here they are, a selection of tales from over the years, covering a mixture of genres and types of story telling. All on sale for only 99c each.

Some of these go back to when I was just starting out, others are more recent

And keep a weather eye open -- I'll be giving some of them away as freebies on a semi-regular basis.

As of today I've loaded up 18 separate stories - details here if interested


To kick off, the one at the top over there, #1 King Crab vs Giant Scorpion, a '50s style creature feature, is free today and through to 01/28/2013