... to take a quick look at the first chapter of a novel that I'm working on. This is intended to be a YA novel, but I'm not sure of the sub-genre: "Social commentary" maybe or "current events"

The one sentence summary of the story is: "A deeply religious high-school girl befriends a boy who has been falsely branded as a violent sexual predator."

At this point, I'm not worried about nitty-gritty details like commas vs. semicolons; I just need to know if the characters seem believable and if the first chapter leaves you wanting to read more, or if it leaves you searching frantically for a trashcan.

The first chapter is about 13 single-spaced pages. I would be happy to read something of yours in return, although I'm probably not much good with vampires or dragons, etc.

Please feel free to PM me. TIA. jay-w