Hello, my name is Jade, and I am Canadian. I currently live in Montreal, and some day I swear I'll make that move to Vancouver.

Officially, I am a secretary. At heart, I am a writer. My husband tends to tease me and say what I am is schizophrenic, what with all those imaginary people in my head talking to me, begging me to bring their stories to life, screaming at me when I ignore them for a few days.

I mostly write psychological drama/horror, with explicit adult content thrown in. What can I say, those people in my head? They like to jump each other's bones.

I am mostly hoping to eventually find constructive criticism and beta readers here, and who knows maybe even some pals. Also, seeing as English is my second language, I am always on the hunt for tips on how to improve grammar, style, syntax, punctuation...

WIP #1 is well on its way and my goal is to have a first draft polished enough to edit by the end of March.

WIP #2's characters are on stand by, and the little buggers are waking me up in the middle of the night with their latest thoughts on whatever is going on in their world.

WIP #3 is outlined. Characters are sleeping now (thank God!) but they open an eye from time to time to let me know they're alive.

Anyway, hello everyone! Looking forward to be part of the group, as shy and introvert as I am.