I'm new here and I was wondering if anyone can adress this minute concern that bothers me so greatly, a place where writers used to gather from everywhere for interesting, fun, and pure creativity fantasy roleplay. I mean to say it wasn't popular enough to catch on to being popular, it was probobly not at all what average writers would consider to be their way to being creative. It wasn't considered by enough of the population of creative writers to carry on, though it was liked by people who wern't even writers. It was a place with freedom, openly sharing, and criticing stories you play off other charachters created by people that still caught the attention of people who didn't aspire enough to be writers. People who found enough in the ability to write, to be outward with pure creativity and make a game out of it. Suddenly after myspace popularity dropped, then cases of internet "bullying", and deletion of roleplayers on Facebook it's considered something to be left in the past. When so many people had so much fun doing it, why just let it slip?