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Hi everyone, I've been lurking for a long time and thought I'd be courageous and post a question.

My situation: Out of 5 agents queried, 2 requested the full. One was an agent I met at a conference. I sent it to her after I finished polishing (about 3 months later) and got no response. I nudged her after 3 months, no reply.

The other is a top agent. I queried her via email and she replied in an hour. (Wow!) It wasn't good timing for her, but she wanted to refer me to a colleague who requested the full. That was 1 month ago... I know it could be a long wait... Meanwhile I keep querying other agents because I don't know how to else to deal with being in purgatory.

-----> QUESTIONS for those with agents:

(1) Did you get your agent through regular query? At a conference? Some other way? Regular query.

(2) How did you learn of your agent? I had a list of agents from ermm...somewhere. It may have been Editors & Preditors. No. That was the site I used to double check the list. I can't remember...sorry! (But it was a list I made after searching online, reading agents' blogs etc, so it's something anyone could come up with.)

(3) How long did you wait after agent requested the full? My agent's fast. He requested the full a day after I queried...sent it on a Friday, got a response on Monday arranging for a time to call. But I've had fulls out for months. Had one who I didn't hear from ever again (it's been about 2 years now...). The others had them for weeks. Once I got an offer though, they came back to me within a day, either with an offer or a pass.

(4) How many agents did you query? 47. How long did it take? One and a half years. When I first started, I sent out five queries. Two requested fulls. Never heard from the first one. The second one rejected but sent a 2-page, single-spaced document specifying why the story didn't work for her. I was just amazed. Gobfrigginsmacked. She's a top agent (she represents one of my favorite writers) at a big agency and to receive such in-depth critique from her...well, I pretty much pooped mah pants. I spent the next four months doing a major overhaul and when it was ready, I e-mailed her again, asking if she'd read it again. She said she'd love to! I sent it to her, along with queries to other agents. She came back a month later with the same thing: a "no" accompanied by extensive, in-depth notes on what didn't work for her this time. Went back to the drawing board for the next few months. Came back and asked her if she'd read it again. She said yes again! In the meantime, I continued querying other agents. Once I received an offer, I let the other agents with fulls know. The original agent who was kind enough to read the book 3 times came back with a hearty congratulations and told me that although she loved the writing and the world etc, she didn't fall in love with it, so she was going to pass. I asked her if she has any input about which agent to go for, and she recommended one of them...the one I ultimately signed with. My god, I got really lucky with the super patient agent. I hope I can thank her properly one day.

I'm interested to hear your stories! Any advice or helpful tips you can share with the rest of us? Hmm...my advice would be to read up on queries. I queried before stumbling upon AW and, more specifically, QLH. I've learnt so much from QLH in the past few months. I shudder to think what might have been had I not been fortunate enough to come across the saintly agent who was sweet enough to tell what was crappy about my work.

Thanks for reading.
Umm yeah, that was an essay. Best of luck with your querying process!