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Thread: Dangling Modifier - I don't see it

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    Quote Originally Posted by blacbird View Post
    So why did you waste time on it?
    I sincerely apologize for using the word waste to everyone and myself. I made a mistake on word choice. I was in a hurry to leave work before the meter on my car expired. After I posted my reply, I was thinking back that I should not have used the word wasted. I was posting in a rush.

    There was no time wasted. It was time well learned and I have learned a lot coming out of this thread.

    What I meant to say was along the lines of a quote I remember reading before. It was a published author who once said it. I don't remember it exactly but context was something like:

    "Some people spend years editing/rewriting a book to get it perfect. Just get it to as close as polished as it can be, because in that amount of time spent editing a book, I could have written five more."

    That's just how I felt after encountering this sentence.

    While I agree with his quote, I haven't put it to practice because I believe since this is my first book, I can learn a lot from the editing phase and am willing (and have) to spend 3 years on it to better my craft.

    And my writing definitely has improved from it.

    You don't need to hope blacbird. I have learned from this thread the ways of recognizing these wordage problems and for sure I will be alert to them in future novel writings.

    I also totally agree with your suggestion of reading one's book outloud and would recommend anyone in the editing phase to do it. I've read my own book outloud twice and have had a text to speech program read it out to me a couple of times as well. I've caught a lot of errors this way. Well, except for this sentence, which to me, sounded fine (and still does).
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