Hi Everyone,

You can call me Parker.

I'm 25 years old. I have always loved to write even as a child but didn't become serious about it until high school when I first started to share my writing through fan fiction. I have 3 unfinished novels from a few years back when I took a hiatus from writing when I had my first child.

I realize there is no other career I'd rather have than writing professionally and have taken a less stressful job than I previously had to really delve into it (with less pay
:-( ).

I hope to finish one of my novels by my 26th birthday and my vision is to one day be a successful published author.

The genre's I enjoy to write for are young adult and commercial romance. I don't write thrillers or suspense but I love reading them.

I've been told to have a strong voice and an ear for dialog when I've shared my writing. My weakest point is grammar. I have several editors(friends and family). So while I wouldn't be much help for that I wouldn't mind giving feedback based on dialogue, characterization and theme.