This is a game from another forum I frequent - here's hoping it thrives here.

The idea is to pitch terrible films that could actually get made. Just saying "Paranormal Activity 15" is no fun. Something more like this:

The Interview (dir Ben Stiller, starring Ben Stiller)

Ben Stiller is unemployed until his friend (Owen Wilson) manages to score him an interview at his workplace. At the interview Stiller manages to accidentally murder Wilson's boss in an incident involving a golf club, some gaffer tape, and a fish tank. Panicked, Stiller calls Wilson who agrees to help clean up the mess and keep it a secret. Wilson takes over the dead boss's job and starts sleeping with his boss's wife as well because he lies and says the boss ran off with his secretary.

Meanwhile Stiller has the job but he's awful at it and accidentally murders the stationary assistant. He puts the body in an industrial shredder to get rid of the evidence. Wilson accidentally lets slip that he murdered the boss whilst in bed with the boss's wife, so he kills her right there and then and dumps her body in a wheelie bin.

The two friends meet up and confess their additional murders. When the police show up the two cover for each other by inventing ridiculous alibis. For no apparent reason the police believe them and Stiller and Wilson live happily ever after.

Whilst ostensibly a knockabout buddy comedy of errors, the violent and brutal murder scenes earn this an 18 certificate and a widespread critical mauling as possibly the most distasteful thing Stiller has ever done.