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You are offering a rate of $2.50 an hour, $5 an hour if the artist can work very fast. These are not decent rates to off a skilled professional.
When did I say I was paying $100 for a map? I was discussing the stance that $100 was unprofessional, which I don't believe is the case - if I look at LBlankenship's offering, her map is stunning. Professional illustrators can charge both per job or per hour, depending on who you use.

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Pointing this out isn't meant as a knock against you. The map you linked to is nice, but it isn't a hand drawn map, which is what's requested in the OP.
You have a point, Gale about the rendered vs hand-drawn comment. Although you did get me thinking - my chief requirement for the brief is that the map needs to translate well to the Kindle screen. The map you supplied is beautiful and I would love it as my desktop background, but it would never work on a kindle screen - not if you want to see the names of cities on the low resolution of the kindle.

For me, the map has to be clear, non-detailed, easy to read. That is why on the overall map, you will see that I have not included any geographical areas -no mountains, rivers, terrain etc. This map is going to be the simplest of lines, displayed on the simplest of screens. A map like this would probably translate well.