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Thread: Writing in specific topics

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    Writing in specific topics

    I have an education in political science and int'l relations/military studies and am wondering is there any markets or magazines that would be good for that? Normally a person would move to where the work is but I have medical issues and can't move. I enjoy writing and have had it complimented by both teachers in grad school and local campaigns I've worked on so I do have some references. I just would like to find a way to use my skills while I maybe work on a nonfiction book or whatnot.
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    Any newsmagazine that accepts work might be a good option. There are also magazines that cater to a military audience or enthusiasts. Google them. I'd bet you could Google int'l relations plus magazine too. Carus publishing has mags for kids and teens on these topics. So does Scholastic, including one in conjunction with the NY Times. Good luck.


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