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Thread: [PAID:USD 5c/word]Need co-writers to finish short dark fantasy script for RPG video-game.

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    [PAID:USD 5c/word]Need co-writers to finish short dark fantasy script for RPG video-game.

    1st Post: I hope I followed the forum rules.

    USD 5c per word or we can negotiate a flat-flee.
    I'm fine with using paypal.

    You will receive writing credit, but I require exclusive rights to the work.

    I don't have plans to publish the script (since it's a game), and as such:
    strict adherence or knowledge of script-format is not required.
    If you write comics, then this is also for you.

    I'm looking for 1-2 wordsmiths to help fix+finish a short 6000 word script.
    This is for an independent video-game I am self-producing (I'm the programmer).
    The main plot is already written. I'm looking for writers who can enhance+complete the story
    while respecting the original vision. There's lots of room for your creativity.
    After writer selection, I'd like to get the writing finished in about 2 weeks.

    This is Part 1 of a fantasy apocalypse story
    that begins with 2 protagonists: a mercenary and a young witch.
    As a writing style, this dark tale requires very compact dialogue, and mostly avoids
    overly-flowery, superfluous, heavy-handed writing (despite the epic theme)
    except where appropriate or reading is optional.
    This story makes sparse use of some adult language and themes.

    This game is targeting PC and mobile phones.
    Prior experience writing for interactive media is a definite plus.

    If interested, please email me at: project[dot]phelius[at]gmail[dot]com
    and I can provide more story+project details. There is no project website yet.
    Please attach/provide links to your resume/writing samples in your reply.

    writer_n00b (Ryan).
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