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Thread: [ePub] Sybarite Seductions / Twenty or Less Press

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    [ePub] Sybarite Seductions / Twenty or Less Press

    Just found this publisher via a friend's Facebook post.

    I know nothing about them at all.
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    Sybarite Seductions opened its digital doors to submissions in January 2011 to provide the best of erotic and sensual reads. We are a boutique publisher interested in building long-term relationships with our readers, authors, and editors, cover artists and other staff.
    I couldn't find any info about Senior Editor Virtue Jamison, but the company's Director is Michele Jensen:

    Michele holds a Masters in International Relations and has over 10 years experience writing and editing. In addition to overseeing the administrative activities of Sybarite Seductions, she’s also the Senior Editor at Twenty Or Less Press.
    The first blurb I looked at didn't exactly draw me in:

    What manner of man or beast delivers untold pleasure and unspeakable horror upon the college girls who venture into Delino House? Others have tired and failed to solve the mystery, but Betty Fect believes she can discover the truth.

    Will she triumph, or will she be haunted by the memory of a never again attainable peak–like those who came before her?
    Neither did the book itself:

    Between the muted mauve tableaus of stucco walls, the sounds of Betty's bare feet slapping the floor fell. Dressed as lightly as she was - wearing only a ruby red, paper-thin sheath that hung from a wide collar with sides split from neck to ankles - the chalky October breeze undulating through the deserted house brushed a cold shiver across the young woman's rising sheen of sweat...
    I can't see much evidence of editing here, nor can I resist quoting an Amazon review of this book:

    The most arousing part of the book was withing in the first few pages when Betty has sex with a doornob.
    To be fair, the other SS books I looked inside did seem to be at least readable.

    We accepts [ouch!] submissions of erotic and sensual short stories (20,000 words or less) in all genres. We are also considering novella and novel length (up to 90K) for publication in 2013. We are looking for decadent, sensually luxurious stories.

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    Twenty or Less Press

    Has anyone worked with or known someone who has worked with Twenty or Less Press?

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    As of Dec '14:

    Closing Our Doors

    A big thanks to everyone who has supported this endeavor! We are officially closed to submissions and have reverted rights back to the authors, though you will see some titles remain under the imprint as I will resume writing and republishing Emma Lai titles as well as some titles written by Cassandra Carr, Shellee Smythe (via Sybarite Seductions), Sandra Sookoo, and Mary Alice Williamson (via Sybarite Seductions).

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