Back when I was using Word on my old computer, I was able to copy-and-paste my old Notepad-written stories into Word and do simple replace-quote-with-quote and replace-apostrophe-with-apostrophe to change the generic straight vertical lines of the old quotation marks and apostrophes into curvy versions.

Not so in LibreOffice Writer, which I have to use on my new computer, because my old Office 2003 won't install on my new comp. In order to replace the apostrophes, I have to actually find a curvy apostrophe and put that in the With field. Same thing with the quotation marks.

Also, Word auto-corrected the closing quotes, but LibreOffice doesn't, so, when I replace a vertical-lines quotation mark with a curvy open quotation mark, it uses curvy open quotation marks throughout, even at the ends of quotes.

Any way to fix all of these problems without having to manually go through every instance?