The titles for each chapter are colour jpeg graphics of the actual words in the title. Although I can make them into header tags then make them into the TOC, the entries in the TOC menu are blank with no text.

Is there a way to make images as TOC entries to display the title words in the TOC menu? The nearest thing on the instructions seems to be this, which is for text;

So I guess the answer is probably “no”, in which case I will add the title again in actual text at the starting paragraph on each chapter using h4’s (h1, 2 and 3 seem to make the font bigger.) If anyone can say otherwise I’d be happy to hear.

I’m also going to make a table of contents within the actual book itself (as I have noticed my competitors do that.) Is this a simple case of “Create HTML Table of Contents” then dragging, dropping and arranging into the eBook? It looks so.

Many thanks,