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Thread: Privateers in the far east around 1790ish?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Hardy View Post
    The EIC kind of had their own navy. They had set up a coast guard to deal with Raja Angria's raiders (to the British they were pirates, the Angrians considered them tax-collectors). I'm not sure what role they played in the wars of the era, but they were active.

    Merchant ships such as East Indiamen were armed and expected to defend themselves, not sure if they were sent out to look for prizes. Thing is, EIC corporate raiders like Raffles had bigger prizes in mind. Instead of ships, he captured whole islands. Hence Singapore and the brief British rule over Java.

    Edit: Good link! The Sumatran pepper trade with New England is an interesting subject!
    Technically the EIC navy was all privateer. It was a company that was running the thing under contract for whatever they could make from the business. And they weren't out for islands in the period that you are interested in. You ,ight want tp ;look at what they did during the Napoleonic Wars. I just saw a mention of the British conquering Java.

    You might also look at what the Dutch were doing. They owned Indonesia and the Spice Islands, but I know little of what they did.
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