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Thread: There is no joy in CNET-ville

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    Touch and go robeiae's Avatar
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    There is no joy in CNET-ville

    From the first:

    CNET voted Dish Network Corp.'s "Hopper with Sling" the best home theater and audio product. Because CBS is in a legal fight with Dish over the Hopper's ad-skipping capabilities, CBS vetoed the selection, saying the product couldn't be considered "Best of CES." Instead, CNET's official selection was a sound bar from TV maker Vizio.
    From the second:
    CBS said Monday that its intervention was "an isolated and unique incident in which a product that was challenged as illegal was removed from consideration for an award." The broadcaster added that "in terms of covering actual news, CNET maintains 100% editorial independence, and always will."
    As our old buddy Deek correctly pointed out on FB, that final statement means that stories about stuff at electronic shows is not "actual news," according to CBS.

    What a bunch of clowns.
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    You're a smug, sneering, ranting asshole, and yet even when I despise your position, I like you.
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    You're a gentleman and a scholar...
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    All Living is Local Don's Avatar
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    Cool, I've been looking for a new sound bar, I'll have to check out that best-of-show winner from Vizio. What time is The Voice on?
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    The colors! THE COLORS! leahzero's Avatar
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    Ah, the joys of owning a media PC and opting out of ad-saturated TV programming.
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    Moderator In Name Only AW Moderator Roger J Carlson's Avatar
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    I'll be waiting for the investigative report from 60 Minutes.
    --Roger J. Carlson

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    Court Jester Shadow_Ferret's Avatar
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    Sound bars have come a long way, baby.

    I am seriously disappointed that CBS would censor news, but not surprised. Every news organization has some "sacred cows" they won't touch, mostly because money is involved. This is just another example that the Fourth Estate isn't as independent and unbiased as they want us to believe they are.
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