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Thread: Glad to be here. Not sure what's next, but it's about to get wordy...

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    Glad to be here. Not sure what's next, but it's about to get wordy...


    This is a cool site. It's rad to have the chance to meet some likeminded individuals and exchange ideas. The wisdom existing on these boards is apparent and I am eager to dig in.

    A place to ask questions, seek advice, and cut through the nonsense is always welcomed in my world. I largely do not know how my involvement with AW will manifest itself, but my active participation will write that book. Give and take. Call and response.

    I appreciate the concept of truth very much. So much so that it has become my sole constant offering. My beliefs in uncensored, yet kind, communication and sharing has evolved into an expectation of the same from others. The wonderful influence words can posses, when the situationally 'proper' choices to represent exactness of emotion are found, is quite calming. Inside that calm we find truth through deliberate word choice. Nice.

    Searching through seas of synonyms soothes me. Calms me down. Allows for options, allows me to make an actual meaningful decision, allows for individual choice, and keeps me fresh. The choice and placement of a single word could affect an entire paragraph. Powerful stuff we get to play with as writers. Lol.

    Within honesty exists "real." Sometimes "real" can be too much as it is bare, cuts deeply, and is not necessarily considered beautiful in the traditional sense. I consider my writing to be honest, which must then contain the rawness of the "real" that comes along. My writing becomes a true reflection of my essence, allowing readers to peer deep inside my existence. I have nothing to hide and that is partially why I write. To live in a glass house and be completely exposed frees my mind while allowing a pure signal flow to exist with the reader.




    I'll be around. Posting. Reading. Commenting. Learning. Sharing. Thanks for getting this far!

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    Beauty is truth. See beauty, learn truth.

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