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Thread: Blog to Book Deals

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    Thank you all SO SO much for the insight.

    Yes, I deliberately plan IN THEORY to have them be separate in content. But occasionally I'm tempted to use a joke, idea, thought, anecdote, or description that also fits in nicely with the memoir.

    And I'm aware that my situation isn't a typical blog-to-book deal where the content theme or subject matter is the same as the book, HOWEVER, I am hoping it serves as a platform for making my story more attractive to a publisher, if the blog is successful and gets some kind of a following. I guess I am hoping the book will be "that memoir by that guy who blogged about his journey while writing it."

    Anyway, it sounds like you all are pretty unanimous in saying I should stay on the conservative side and keep them as separate as possible and not use material that could be an asset for my memoir, since that is the (hopeful) money maker/priority.
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