Awoogah. Awoogah. Moan alert. The following is a big fat moan.

My wife and I bought our house about five years ago. Roughly half an hour after we signed the contract, the housing market collapsed, meaning our house is now worth £15-20k less than we paid for it. This, of course, means we have sod all chance of selling unless we somehow come into a load of cash. While we could sit tight and wait for however long it takes for things to improve, we couldn't be more pissed off. Our area has turned into a complete craphole in the last two years. If we ever have kids, it's the last place I'd want to raise them. Saying that, this entire city is the last place I'd want to raise them. So we're in a stickier situation since Sticky the stick insect got stuck on a sticky bun.

That is all. I don't feel better after moaning. Bah.