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Thread: Is 'Just write it' ALWAYS good advice?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton View Post
    Touchy, touchy. No need to get personal. You were the one who decided to come into this thread.

    Really, though, I think this comment says a lot. Instead of actually admitting that "just write" isn't going to help someone with a specific problem they're trying to fix, you just threw up your hands and started making comments about me.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hamilton View Post

    And your previous comment was still a really crappy thing to say.
    Macdonald has been relentlessly courteous, and given you the experience of someone who has successfully made a living writing, someone who has taught and mentored hundreds of writers, and is saying whether you just write an outline or just write a draft, doesn't really matter.

    What matters is that writers write.

    I don't particularly give a damn whether you pants, or plotz.

    You will however, be courteous to your fellow members, including mods.
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