I know there have been threads about this topic in other forums, but I wanted to start one that deals with sci-fi and fantasy fight scenes. Let's face it, the fantasy/sci-fi fight scene can take on a far more epic feel than your average fight scene in other genres.

There are battles on a grand scale. There can be world-wide ramifications for victory or defeat. There are also elements beyond melee to consider: magic (for fantasy) and technology (for sci-fi).

I wanted to make this thread to see if people wouldn't mind sharing their methods for creating a fight scene. Maybe you have one, maybe you don't. Maybe these scenes make you crazy. Maybe you love them.

Also consider minor fight scenes like scuffles and sparring scenes.

Some guided questions:

1. Do you enjoy writing fight scenes? Why or why not?

2. How do you execute your fight scenes?

3. How much detail do you have in your fight scenes? How much blood, gore, how much attention to movement, stance, and such?

4. How do you weave elements of magic or technology that goes above and beyond swords, guns, hand-to-hand combat?

5. How do you maintain the urgency of the bigger character arcs during a fight scene? For example, you're writing from a character's POV who has everything on the line with this one battle. He'll get his family back, he'll save his village (your choice).

6. What authors do fight scenes well, in your opinion?

Looking forward to hearing some answers. Sorry if this has been done before. I searched for fight scenes and melee in this forum and came up empty. Could be my searching skills are full of fail. But, perhaps this thread is enough to stand on its own?