Ok, so I've got an MMC and an FMC, and they're both important POV characters. The MMC is the main POV character in the main plot, the FMC pretty much runs the subplot.

Problem is, when they're together I generally only show the FMC's POV. I guess this is because I'm more familiar with the female perspective when it comes to romance. I can get in her head and know what she's thinking and feeling.

Men, on the other hand, are somewhat of a mystery to me when it comes to romantic feelings. I know they have feelings, I just don't really know where they come from (don't be obvious, I don't mean there) or how their mental process goes. My characterisation of men's thought processes during sex scenes seems to veer between the extremes of 'Ooh yeah, I'm so gonna enjoy tapping that...' and 'Oh gods, I can't stand it any longer! I must make sweet love to you...'

Both icky.

So, firstly, if I just stay with my FMC's POV throughout the love scenes, and don't show the thoughts of the MMC (who is the main character in the novel) at all, will that look like a glaring omission?

Secondly, if I was to dip into the MMC's thoughts during these scenes, WTF do guys think about in those situations???